About Me

I am a Cloud Solution Architect presently working with Kloud Solutions, Sydney, Australia with more with eleven years of work experience.

I started my career with Microsoft in 2005, as a Developer and was part of Microsoft Product team for five years. During this tenure, I had opportunities to work with major product groups like Microsoft Office and Windows. This journey with the products group helped me strengthen my knowledge in Software delivery methodologies and processes. I also earned a patent award on my name for a technology invention during this tenure.

I joined Microsoft Services seeking a client facing role to gain better exposure to technology consulting. As a technology consultant with Microsoft Services (India), I served Microsoft Cloud Services practice for four years. Being a Worldwide Subject Matter Expert in Microsoft cloud technologies, I have actively contributed to the Microsoft cloud community apart from delivering best quality solutions. I was also leading the Windows Azure community in Microsoft Services India.

I moved to Sydney in 2014 and I am currently employed with Kloud Solutions.

Apart from strong technical skills, I believe I am good at communication and project management skills. I always enjoy working with customers and partners which helps me constantly enhanced my interpersonal skills. I have actively participated in driving new offerings and IPs under the practice I have served.

Following is the link to my latest book on Microsservices Architectural patterns using Azure Service Fabric

Microservices With Azure (Amazon.com)